Inside Out

Some lives appear so successful.  The valleys seem lush and green; the mountains seem inviting; a high place of rest and enjoyment.  Other’s lives appear like failures.  The valleys seem like dry, wasted land and the mountains seem harsh, cold and uninviting.  When I look over my life, there is not much that this world … More Inside Out

Extra Grace Required

Loving someone you don’t even like is even harder than it sounds.  Especially when they seem to persist in directing their imperfectness directly at you.  A friend of mine refers to people like that as EGP’s (Extra Grace Person).  We all need grace, but some people tip that scale and need extra grace!  Lately, I’ve … More Extra Grace Required

Perfect Storms

This morning’s sermon was on storms.  How appropriate!  I just came out of what felt like the “perfect” storm.  It was actually 2 storms in one.  And it hurt.  A combination of a misunderstanding run amok on one hand and being taken advantage of on the other.  I knew God was with me.  I knew … More Perfect Storms