I was on a mission this morning.  I was going to de-activate this blog.  I hardly write anymore.  These last few years have opened up the truth that is too painful to write.  So much of my life that I thought I knew has turned out to be wrong.  Rather than go back and attempt to correct, I wanted to just delete it and someday start fresh.

But, God had another thought.  (He always does.)  He reminded me that all throughout the Bible He had people put up altars of memorial; altars that are meant to speak of God’s victory in their lives.  I haven’t gone back and re-read my posts but hopefully I shared the good things God has done in most of them.  Sometimes that was hard to see but it was always there. So rather than erase these altars of memorial, I will leave them.  They may not be comfortable for me or anyone else but they are markers of God’s love and provision for me.  They  hopefully testify to the reader of God’s love to humanity in our desperate and painful trials and they speak loudly in the spiritual realm as a testimony of the supremacy, power and authority of God Almighty.

This is my altar today:  God is my protection.  God is my provision.  God is my help and strength.  God is my sustenance.  God is my encouragement.  God is my fellowship; my companion in the stronghold.  God is my sun and brightness.  God is the fullness of all I need and I am safe.