The Parable of the Zag

There once was a young girl.  She loved to zag.  She would zag morning and night!  She was MADE to zag.  One day she met Him.  He was so amazing!  He loved her more than she had ever known love before.  She felt He was the Most Wonderful Person ever.  She zagged for Him.  It was the best she had and she gave it to Him.  She zagged up and down, sideways and backwards.  They laughed and zagged every day together.

One day, when she grew older, He said He wanted her to do something for Him.  By now she knew He loved her so much.  She was ready to do anything for Him.  He asked her to zig.  She looked at Him puzzled.  What’s a zig?  He showed her and she attempted the zig.  It was awkward and hard to execute.  She stepped back and zagged.  See?  She was a zagger not a zigger.  But He asked her again.  Zig.  She zagged.

For years they worked on this.  He would say zig and she would zag.  She wasn’t trying to purposely disobey.  It’s just that zagging came so effortlessly natural to her.  But He wanted a zig and she loved Him so.  So she worked hard on learning the zig.  He would praise her when she attempted it.  Over and over He asked for the zig.  She wanted to please Him but it was such hard work.

Over time she got better at the zig.  She was quick to obey now and she even became less awkward at it.  But she didn’t really enjoy it. She did it for Him.  She loved Him so and that was what He wanted.  So she would zig and see His smile of pleasure and be content with that.  At night she would dream she was zagging.  But then she would feel guilty because she felt by now that surely zagging was bad. Otherwise, why would He have stopped her from doing it?  She knew by now He only wanted what was best for her.  Zagging must not have been the best for her.

Much time went by.  One day as they met like they had for so many years, she saw that ever ready twinkle in His eye.  She smiled as she knew what was coming.  He would ask her to zig and she was ready.  She was quite good at it now.  No longer awkward, she could zig for hours.  People commented on how well she could zig.  She was ready for His request.  She longed to please Him.  With a huge smiled, He turned to her and said it.  He said, Zag.  She immediately took the first step and stopped suddenly.  Wait, what?  What did He say?  He had said, Zag.  Zag?  But I thought zagging was bad.  All these years of learning to zig with Him and now He wanted a zag?  She was confused.

She asked Him, a zag?  I don’t understand.  Isn’t zagging wrong?  Isn’t it really a zig you want?  No.  ZAG!  And at that He threw back His head and let out a huge laugh.  She stared at Him completely baffled.  Zag?  Did she even remember how to zag anymore?  She took a step and found herself zigging.  She tried again. Zig.  She sat in desperation on the edge  of tears.  She couldn’t even remember how to zag anymore.  Why did He want a zag?  Why now?  She had worked so hard.  At that moment He came and sat with her.  She asked Him, why? Why a zag now? Wasn’t zagging bad?  Was He not pleased with her?  She had spent so much of her life perfecting the zig for Him.  Had she disappointed Him?

No, my child.  You are a Zagger!  I MADE you to ZAG!  She was completely undone now.  Why had He trained her so hard to zig?  Zagging had come so easy for her but that was such a long time ago now.  And what did He say?  He MADE her to ZAG?!  Then why did He ask her to zig all these years?  She was despondent.  It was all so confusing.

My child, I made you to ZAG!  You are the best Zagger I have ever made!  And you will zag again!  It’s in your DNA.  You are MADE to zag!  But you needed to learn something.  I needed you to zag in step with me and you were unable to see or understand that. You were a natural Zagger but you zagged inconsistently.  You zagged uncontrollably.  You ran over people when you zagged.  Your natural way of zagging was becoming a problem not a blessing.

So, I taught you to zig. In teaching you to zig, you learned to wait for the sound of my voice.  You learned to wait for my timing.  You learned to move in step with me.  And  you learned to control your movements so you didn’t run over others.  I know it was hard.  I know it didn’t come natural to you but you persevered. You learned to wait.  You learned how to move with me.  You learned how I move and you fell into time with Me.  And now you are ready.  Now you are ready to ZAG!

She stood.  He was right, of course.  (She had learned by now He was always right!) She had learned much more than just how to zig.  Cautiously she stepped out.  She moved slowly but intentionally.  She felt the steps coming back to her.  She closed her eyes.  Zag.  She did it!  She zagged again!  Immediately, she felt it move through her.  Her feet moved effortlessly.  She glided gracefully.  Oh, He was so right! She was MADE to zag!

They zagged together.  He would just nod and she knew what He wanted.  All those years of zigging had caused her to lean in so closely to Him that now she could anticipate His every move.  Now they zagged in step.  Now they zagged in time.  Now they zagged together.

And it was beautiful.