The spirit realm by design is profoundly legal in its structure.  This includes both the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.  Agreements and vows made are powerful.  When they are made in accordance with the principles of God’s Kingdom they secure us to His will (i.e. when we “agree” with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit we reap the benefit of that agreement and receive more from Him, grow in our authority and so forth.)  When made according to the flesh or the principles of the kingdom of darkness, they rob us of what God desires for us to have or worse, begin taking from us what He has already given us.

One thing I have learned throughout this restoration process is God is extremely thorough and serious about detail.  Why?  Because when it comes to legal agreements, the details matter.  Vows and agreements remain in effect until we undo them.  This is why Jesus instructed us in Matthew 5:33-37 and 2 Corinthians 6:11-18 concerning the weight vows and agreements carry.

Unfortunately, abuse enforces authority over a person illegally.  It is similar to a thief breaking into a house.  They shouldn’t be there but through force they illegally break in, damage the house and take valuable items away.  If they are never caught and forced to return those things and pay for repair of the damage, those valuable items are lost forever and the damage has to be paid for another way.

Jesus pays for the damage to us all through His blood. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can repair the door and secure the house again but the valuable items are lost until the owner of the house seeks out the proper authorities to track down the thieves and get his stuff back for him.  We do this when we submit to God as our help instead of trying to protect ourselves or relying on other people. He alone is the “proper authority” Who can set all things right again.

Despite the fact the agreements I was forced into as a child were wrong, they still had effectual power and control over aspects of my life and some by their nature could be passed onto my children!  The sad reality is the forced agreements led to webs of great deception which led to me voluntarily submitting to agreements against God.  These agreements couldn’t undo my salvation but they caused much grief and hardship in my and my children’s lives.

Sadly, making ungodly vows and agreements is something we all must be mindful of.  It is a human weakness we are all susceptible to and is why many Christians go through their lives saved unto Christ but unable to attain true freedom from satanic torment and fully realize their calling in the Kingdom of God.  This is why Jesus, and later Paul, had to teach us about how careful we must be in our agreements with others.

This is what God has been leading me through in this time of restoration.  Memories had information locked inside them that held the key to agreements forced on me as a child as well as vows and agreements I voluntarily made in an effort to protect myself.  Through these vows and agreements, much was taken from me and my children.

God desires to restore all that the enemy takes from us.  To do that, He has been walking me through repressed memories, showing me what happened and my sinful responses and what was taken so I can repent, take proper authority, renounce that theft, and get my “stuff” back – fully and in abundance – for me and my children.

The good news is God does not idly sit by as innocent children are used and abused!  And satan has nothing on the power of God. He reveals what satan has done, delivers us from our sin and captivity and restores to us what is rightfully ours!  What was done is exposed, can be removed and a new beginning can begin when we cooperate with Him.