From Death to Life

The Lord has been speaking to me about the fractures in our lives.  Mine were more pronounced due to the type of abuse I went through but we all have them whether we admit it or not.  When we are hurt or go through difficult experiences we try to shut down the pain of those situations by fracturing our souls.  We “forget”.  Or think we have.  We “move on” without really dealing with the hurt or the difficulty.

When a bone is fractured, it must be immobilized to ensure healing is complete.  Using that bone by applying too much pressure or adding weight to it will cause intense pain and could cause a worse injury to the bone.  Any injury to the body that is not dealt with properly will cause long-term issues, sometimes even death through infection.

Just like a bone can be fractured, the soul can be fractured.  When we ignore distress to our souls we also leave ourselves open to long-term pain and suffering throughout life.  Our attempts to “deaden” the pain only exacerbate the problem.  It leaves us constantly juggling to avoid that tender area.  It seems it would make more sense to just deal with the underlying issue.  But honestly, no one really wants to go back and exhume painful situations from life. Weren’t they painful enough the first time?

Unfortunately, that is the only way to really heal.  When a bone has healed incorrectly, it must be re-broken and re-set.  Ouch.  But it’s necessary or the body will be continuously fighting the injury and it could even become a threat to our physical well-bring.

We can see these things on a physical level but can’t seem to see them on an emotional or soul level.  We work so hard to stay shut down.  We think we can “cut off” an emotional injury and avoid the painful memory.  What if we tried that with physical injuries?  What if when we fractured a bone we just cut the bone off?  How long would we survive that kind of treatment?  When we look at it from this perspective it sounds really strange to work so hard to avoid what is a real issue.

An injury (physical or emotional) is the beginning of death.  Without proper treatment, death will result on one level or another.  We could lose the full function and vitality of a body part.  This is a type of death.  In like manner, our souls, once injured, begin to die.  It is possible to ignore an injured part of our souls until it actually does die.  Many people are walking around with dead places in their souls.  They mistakenly believe they have “dealt with it” when in fact, they have actually killed a part of themselves.  It is hard to understand why we work so hard toward death when God is all about life.

God is all about life. 

Everything He has done is about life.  He works in us to produce life – the life and resurrection of Jesus.  Jesus brought life to many by healing them.  He even raised people back to life from the dead.  He sent Holy Spirit to us to prepare us for eternal life. We find so much in Scripture about how God desires life over death.  Romans 4:17 tell us He is about bringing things to life that were dead.

satan is the one who loves death.  He delights in premature death of any kind.  By participating in this practice of ignoring injuries to our souls, we unknowingly participate with his work against us.  God’s Word demonstrates for us how He very clearly desires life for us and not death.  It seems a clear choice but somehow it has become a murky topic to us.  That is exactly how satan works.  He confuses what should be clear.

Paul tells us we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. God’s Word (Jesus) is the power that offers us life and it is His breath (the Spirit) that brings that life back into us so we can be victorious in that life.

Ezekiel 37 is one of my favorite chapters that demonstrates God’s heart and goal for us.  It is a beautiful display of God’s desire concerning our dead places.  Dry bones coming to life.  God breathing His own breath into our dead places and bringing them to life!  And then the wonderful conclusion that we aren’t just brought to life to feel better about ourselves but we are brought to life to be a powerful force on the earth.  Not just healed but whole.  Not just alive but strong and vital.  Not just existing but conquering over death (satan) for God and His Kingdom!

This is why I wrestle through these memories.  It’s why I let God open doors to the past and show me the dead bones.  He does this to bring them back to life!  It’s not easy or comfortable.   But the results are so amazing it’s hard to describe.  You have to experience it yourself to understand.

Please let Him touch the tender places that are suffering deep in your soul.  He is a good Physician.  He leads gently.  He heals with great mercy and grace.  He wants you whole more than you do.  It is only because you are in great pain and suffering and you don’t remember what it is like to be whole.  He keeps calling us back; calling us to remember; calling us to wholeness.  It’s time for your soul to come alive!

“Prophesy to the breath!  Prophesy, human being!  Say to the breath that Adonai ELOHIM says, ‘Come from the four winds, breath; and breath on these slain, so that they can live.'”  Ezekiel 37:9