Dangerous Beauty

lower antelope canyon pic.jpgThese amazing sandstone sculptures of Antelope Canyon in Arizona are the result of powerful flash-floods that come during Monsoon season.  Over many years, these astounding canyons have been formed.  Unlike the Grand Canyon that is formed by a steady flow of water erosion, these are formed rather quickly through sudden flooding carrying debris that cuts away at the canyon violently.  The area is still susceptible to flash floods and have proven to be dangerous and unpredictable during the rainy season.

Pondering the torrent of water relentlessly rushing through attempting to wipe out the resistance of the rock in its way I am in awe of the results.  Flash floods have the added danger of surprise.  One report of people drowning in this area was due not to rain from the day they were hiking the Canyon but to rain the day before that rushed down from a higher level and reached them on a seemingly calm, weather friendly day.

Such are the attacks of the enemy of our souls.  His torrent of raging waters comes rushing in when you think all is calm; violently tearing away at your strength and stability, your very existence.  And yet, when the water subsides, we see not devastation, but beauty.  As if the rock courageously defies the attack, knowing its very being is being washed away piece by piece but determinedly letting the torrent shape it into a structure of awe and beauty.

Such is the life of a follower of Christ.  Though the enemy rages, we are not overcome but instead produce a beauty that compels others to come and see the wonder of it all.  It’s not easy nor fun to go through those torrents but knowing the beauty and wonder it creates gives me determination to stay steadfast in the midst of the rage so that I may display His glory.

Standing firm for God in this violent world isn’t “safe” but the beauty He brings forth from it, not despite the danger but because of it, continues to show His glorious beauty on the earth.  Both in Antelope Canyon and in us.

He gives beauty for ashes
Strength for fear
Gladness for mourning
Peace for despair
Crystal Lewis