About RESTORE~ation

You have to know your life to own it and you have to own your life to overcome it. – me

RESTORE-ation started as a support group for others, like myself, who have been abused.  It became my own journey to know, own and overcome my own life when emerging memories began to reveal a reality much darker and more painful than the first memories of sexual abuse I had worked through years prior.

Restoration is a hard and often painful process.  It involves tearing out old beliefs, lies we thought were the truth (and oft times vehemently defend), mindsets and even protective mechanisms to face the real truth underneath.  And then the work to rebuild begins.  The goal is to be fully RESTOREd.  The “-ation” is the process through which that is accomplished.

The driving factor behind this blog is borne out of my desire that others find true restoration in the beauty of Christ as well.  There is a deep need to know that even hardcore evil can be used for good; that there is purpose in our suffering and pain.  That somehow, someway, God really does make all things work together.  My hope is my story of God’s goodness in the midst of evil will help someone else dealing with the same or similar issues.



3 thoughts on “About RESTORE~ation

    1. Thanks Kerri,
      I agree that there is nothing more rewarding and healing than helping others.
      Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

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