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At 31 I was just finishing  6 months of cancer treatment when memories of sexual abuse began to surface and I officially acknowledged the truth God had known all along.  What I was remembering at that time was merely the grooming and conditioning I had experienced as a young child but it was enough to send me to a counselor to process what I was remembering.  After working hard through counseling and support groups to embrace mental, emotional, physical and relational health for 5 years I found that indeed I had come a long way in relational and emotional health.  I was growing in my relationship with the Lord with the attitude of  “I don’t want to just survive, I want to thrive!”  I didn’t want to just have “a” life; I want an full life.  John 10:10 became my motto; “life and life abundant” was my goal.

Eventually, I started a support group in my church called RESTORE~ation as a recovery group for women who had been sexually abused.  I wanted to give back what I had learned and also provide a safe place for Christians to find support since in my experiences I had found that there is not much of that available in the church.  Little did I know, by stepping into the midst of helping others through recovery, I had unleashed a torrent of backlash against me from a deep place I hadn’t yet discovered.  After several years struggling through ministering to others, I began to have flashbacks, nightmares and full on PTSD. Memories of extreme abuse throughout my childhood from age 3-early 20’s surfaced as the missing gaps of time began to unfold bringing forth a reality of the unspeakable.

RESTORE-ation is my story – the story of the goodness of God in the life of a child raised in the midst of hidden evil.

John 10:10, ESV The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. Thank you for sharing. So glad God has brought you out of that family and delivered you from their demons. He is a good Father who watches over His children. God bless you!

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