Hard Clarity

At the age of 3 and 4, I was deeply in love with Jesus. At 5, evil struck a traumatic blow. But God. Ten long months ago I resumed a journey I started 13 years ago that I thought I had completed.  In 2000, I had dealt with memories of sexual abuse that had surfaced … More Hard Clarity


Seeds are planted.  Rain comes. Hard. Something dies, then growth comes. Write.  Journal.   Ask.  Wait.  Grieve.  Process. Hard places. Out of the rain (tears) comes life anew. Growth. Renewal. Hope. Plenty. Health. Bursting forth. More than enough. Only after “the fullness of time” – kairos – does the harvest come. Until then, the preparation continues. … More Rain

Grief Sucks

Are you going through grief from past abuse? I feel for you. I understand. I really do. My journey… April 15, 2013 The cycle of grief has started again and I’m frustrated.  I so want all this to be gone so I can move on.  I want to stop thinking about [abuser].  I want to … More Grief Sucks

Hard Things

The pulse beats hard and I am challenged to “get it all down before it goes away.”  I cringe.  I have created blogs for my thoughts and yet there are some I don’t want to even think about much less share.   But I sense the great need to record it.   Maybe just for myself to … More Hard Things

The Girl and Her God

I love C. S. Lewis’ writings.  Especially the Chronicles of Narnia series.  I recently finished (started a long time ago and got distracted) The Horse and His Boy.  It was a little confusing to me.  I couldn’t figure out what any of it had to do with Narnia because the majority of the book is … More The Girl and Her God

The Backstory

I recently watched a documentary on C.S. Lewis’ life.  I was astonished.  Having fallen in love with his writings, especially The Chronicles of Narnia, I had no idea the background story.  I didn’t know his mom was the strong influence for Christ in his life.  I didn’t know his mom had died when he was … More The Backstory

Lessons On the River

I recently read an article written by someone who enjoys the deep, philosophical, theological waters.   As I was dog paddling my way through sentences that require a day’s worth of careful analysis and a lifetime to absorb, I realized I am not a deep, philosophical, theological water person!  I can go there, if I focus … More Lessons On the River

How to NOT Fight

I love Oswald Chamber’s views on the point of putting on the armor of God.  He expresses that it’s not a picture of how to fight, but one of how not to fight.  Ephesians 6:13 clearly says, “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil … More How to NOT Fight

Inside Out

Some lives appear so successful.  The valleys seem lush and green; the mountains seem inviting; a high place of rest and enjoyment.  Other’s lives appear like failures.  The valleys seem like dry, wasted land and the mountains seem harsh, cold and uninviting.  When I look over my life, there is not much that this world … More Inside Out